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    [US] 2 Crafers looking for a Neutral tribe

    Pretty much what the title says.

    We're new to the game, and we're excited about the prospect of hardcore worldbuilding and crafting. We'd love a neutral-aligned tribe with solid leadership, mature players, and big plans, and we're looking for a home for the long haul. We're here to make friends, have fun, and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

    I'm still going through all the guild adverts but I thought I'd put out an ad just in case.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hi, we're a neutral tribe that's been around since beta- check us out.

    our vent info is posted.

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    Hi deadhouse,

    I'm with the tribe Xsyon Mercenaries and we are a neutral tribe with a lot of good members. Please check out our forums and if we seem a good fit for you and your friend, please apply and ask any questions.

    We are not about forum drama....we are about playing the actual game and getting the most fun we can from it with a determined and mature bunch of folks.


    Forums here:
    Tribe Advertisement here:

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    Hey guys welcome to the forums!
    Always nice to see new members.

    We Offer:

    * Stable Tribe
    * Expierience players from Beta days & Helpfull members
    * Vibrant Tribe and community
    * Teamspeak 3 comms
    * PvP raids
    * RL always come first

    We are helping new members to learn the game and we are happy to answer all the questions you have.
    We are a tribe that are really sticking out for eachother and everyone have a say.
    We have members that are pvp orientated and craft orientated, so you guys will be protected and have help from experienced crafters from the beta.

    Take a look on our recruitment post :
    or check our forums :
    You can also PM Star_god for any information.

    I wish you the best in finding the right tribe.

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    Thanks so much to everyone who's contacted us both in thread and via PM - we really appreciate it! We think we've found our home in the Nomads of Xsyon, but thanks again for all the kind words. See you in game!

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    Glad to see you guys found the right tribe that fits you.
    Enjoy your time and good luck ingame!


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    Booo, didn't get a chance to advertise Forsaken. But one of our members used to be a councilman for NoX, so I know they are good guys.

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