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    Idea about updates and new content

    Hey folks,
    Just an idea for the game that could make implementing new stuff in more enjoyable.. Just don't tell anything about it. I think it would fit well with the lore to just let the players discover whatever the devs implement. Things like a new area to explore, new creatures, new items, new crafting recipes.. all those things could be just added to the game without the devs saying a thing about it.

    Of course, some updates and patches would need some kind of information sharing, but I'd love to keep discovering stuff I've never heard of a year after launch.

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    That's already the plan.

    From the feature list:

    The Unknown

    The full features of the Xsyon online game world will never be fully disclosed. Part of the fun in playing is discovering the unknown. New features, skills, objects and creatures will typically be discovered in game before they are officially announced. A few hints to spark the minds of new Xsyon players:

    When and where you craft might be just as important as what you craft.
    Specialization leads to inspiration.
    One manís trash is another manís treasure.
    Two minds are better than one.
    The world is changing, keep exploring.

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