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    What date/time is final wipe?

    After getting alot of my clan members into Xsyon for the launch and having the server constantly wiped (I understand why)
    We are holding back playing the game so when it does come out we can race to get our land on the map..we have done this a few times now for it to get wiped..

    Can we get the exact date/time we will be having the server change and full wipe announced?

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    it has not been stated yet and i believe jordi will not give an estimate until he is sure of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yokilla View Post
    3/1 I think it is.
    not set in stone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Risk View Post
    not set in stone
    Not even set in pen, or even pencil, mainly just a possibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xidian View Post
    double post
    My mother was a double post.

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    I would not bother getting everyone on for The Landgrab until the launcher doesn't say "there will be wipes and rollbacks." That is your first clue that it's going to be wiped again.

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