Tribes are FFA PVP only.
Must choose either good or evil.
Certain buildings, armor and weapons can only be built by tribes

* Tribe territory increases when tribe size reaches 30 players and again at ? (Max 100 meter radius)

Clan (Homested)

first step to becoming a tribe
must have at least 3 players and must be neutral
No more than 15 clansmen per clan
If clan exceeds 15 people they must pick alignment and immediately become a tribe.
Cannot attack or be attacked by PVP'rs outside of pvp ruleset
PVP ruleset
Flagged as PVP 30 secs after entering a tribe territory
Remain flagged as PVP for 3 mins after leaving a tribe area.
Clansmen can volanteer to be PVP during large battles 30sec/3min rule applies
Certain items can only be crafted by clansmen example: Housewares and clothing.

* Homested territory increases when clan size is reached and again at 10 players.

Solo players (homested)

Same PVP rules as a clansmen
Certain items can only be crafted by solo players example: Basketry, Hunting

* Homested territory is quite small.

I tried to think of different play styles. I have thought long and hard about what the best game would be to accommodate all play styles. The reason I made it that different items can only be crafted by certain play styles was so that they would have to rely on one another and have to interact in PVP at some time to get things they may need. All numbers are just examples and can be whatever fits.
I really want to support and play your game. It means a lot to me that this game work for everyone.