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    Angry Camp/Pk'ing spawn areas is GRIEFING and cheating

    The spawn areas need to be made safe zones or the players will be griefed seconds after they log in.

    Pk'ing players as they spawn in is NOT playing the game, It is NOT testing for bugs, IT IS GRIEFING and such players should be banned for it. What's more pk'ing players as they spawn in to get tools and equipment is also cheating. Not everyone creates char's optimized to fast and fight making it impossible to get away.

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    The spawn areas are set to be safe. Is this not working?

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    Xsyon, this (apparently) is not working. I was attacked (though I got away) immediately upon logging on with a new character. Several others have complained about being killed upon login.

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    Stop being a this game has loads of them... spawn and run..its not that hard

    Cheating is re doing your char and putting them in a box so you can keep it..killing people in a MMO isnt.. fool

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    Throwing words like cheating around for everything you don't like really makes them meaningless.

    Not saying camping the spawn is nice or that I do it, but this is ridiculous.

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    Logged in for the very first time and got killed by a pair of players within seconds .

    Doesn't seem to be working...

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    If the devs prefer people to keep making chars for tools or have people die for them?

    I think the dying option is legal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    The spawn areas are set to be safe. Is this not working?
    You're safe so long as you do not move immediately after have log'd in.
    So IMO; Yes it's working as intended.

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    It sucks to be killed when you first log in but to say its cheating is laughable.

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