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Thread: Fallen Lords

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    Fallen Lords

    Click the picture for a larger view of it.

    Xsyon News is also located at

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    I support this Newspaper and offer my services to the alliance

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    Spoke to furanku, would like to join up with you guys =)

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    Good group of guys, knowledgeable and fun to play with. Check them out! Just don't ask about the large mole on Fu's neck, he gets twitchy about it. >.<

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    Furanku as in Furanku from Darkfall? If so, I was in your clan a long time ago with Vindazul and Wizdra. Just preordered the game, care to show me the ropes?

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    Fu gives out free candy in his van if you join his tribe.

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    Joining up at start , lets build something that will last the course of the game.. and bring memories into games past it

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    Fallen Lords Website : has been completely updated and is 60% complete, it also includes the Xsyon News. We are also requesting everyone sign up on the website so you have access to member only information. ^_^ The site will also host the alliance information.

    Got Crafting Rage?
    Got Building Frustration?

    Let us help you vent that anger and frustration you have into a more proactive way.

    Take your shovel, fishing rods and other items and use them to kill ! We help you learn the ways of Crafting the body count ^_^

    Added after 15 Hours 48 minutes:

    Still looking for members.

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    Fallen Lords has their totem down, stable and still growing.

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    Bumping the thread ^_^ Looking for people.

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