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    Greetings from Sweden!

    So i jumped the wagon and bought the game after seen too many videos and wanting this game. I have been playing mmo's from the beta of Everquest and been sucked in ever since then. But alas, there hasn't been a game that would appeal to me since pre-NGE Star Wars galaxies. And then.. i stumble upon this game and my mind is blown. If A tale and haven and hearth had a baby this is the wonderful offspring. I hope to be as amazed once i get into the game (patching as i write this) as the videos have done it for me.

    I guess that's enough for a introduction


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    Just make sure you follow the update news - they are currently wiping and rerolling the server quite a bit to find some bugs, so don't expect a smooth experience until that is all fixed. Otherwise, welcome!

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    Spana in Deathwatch vi samlar på svenskar

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    Welcome to xsyon

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