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    Howdy from southern Arizona


    Just wanted to introduce myself, In game I am not quite sure yet what final name I will use, but here I am called MacTavendish.

    I have played most of the MMO's that have been made, starting out in a crafting heavy game called Horizons.

    Even though this will be my first game with FULL loot pvp, I believe I will fully enjoy playing here. I feel that pvp can be very appropriate as long as there is a reason for it. Mindlessness of any sort seems like such a waste of time and effort.

    The crafting here really appeals to me, as well as the terraforming. Protected storage seems like a smart idea, as does making world building mechanics first priority.

    My plan is to be a part of the Hopi tribe, and see where we can get in setting an example of fine tribe to know and trade with.

    You will not see me whining or moaning about gankers and wacko's. You will see me quietly working hard and helping anyone in need. Don't think that this will make me an easy target for loot. It just won't be that easy.

    Anyway, looking forward to meeting you all in game and seeing what we can accomplish!

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    I lived in Southern Arizona for a while (if Casacabel rings a bell). Very hot... and what most people don't know... very humid during Monsoon season

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    Good to have new experienced players in Xsyon

    Welcome to the game!


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    Wow. I am glad that Hopi made a positive first impression. I think you'll find that we have a great online community on our tribe site and vent. However, there's still plenty to read on these forums as well. The important thing is the in-game experience. I bet you'll love it. Send me a message if there is anything I can do for you.

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    Welcome to xsyon

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