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    decay system: few questions

    So to my understanding the decay of items will start soon. This raises a few questions:
    1. If a basket full of stuff decays do i loose everything in it?
    2. How will we be able to tell when an item is about to decay and disappear?
    3. can items be fixed?(as opposed to be remade)
    4. do item change appearance when they start to decay
    5. anyone know if devs ever talked about rate of decay?
    6. What r ways to slow decay (I heard that things in a tent will decay slower. r there any other ways?
    7. will using an item more will quicken it decay?
    8. does dying cause decay?
    I have a few more but will leave them for thread if it developes

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    I noticed under basketry that there are several different types of baskets as well as different versions of the same basket - I am wondering if some baskets may preserve food longer than others...

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    2. When you hover over an item you can see both its quality and its "remaining durabilty," right? Can't get in game now but I believe this is the case.

    I'm not sure how anyone would know the answer to many others :/

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