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    Wink Sarcastic suggestions

    Combat is far to violent for xsyon we need to Remove Combat and punch's and replace it with Hug's, Hug a bear and it gives you leather and bones.

    Along with combat PvP needs to go we need it completely safe hugs only, Along with that since pvp obviously isnt a focus of this game the Death bone armor set needs removed because hugging a human drops no resources.

    Looting from scrap yards could emotionally effect some bound to that so we need to remove the feature of junk piles deleting and have unlimited resources so no one cry's from the junk pile missing.

    We need to make it so anything we craft and be stacked so when we make 600 jackets they stack to save us inventory space for all those crafted goods we never lose because pvp is gone.

    Destroy is to harsh of a word for Xsyon we need to replace the word Destroy with Undo just the word Destroy makes me start to cry a little.
    /sarcasm off

    Hmm seems i just described Tail in the Desert...

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    Funny, you weren't so tough after I jacked your cargo pants and beater.

    Keep playing the internet badass man. We're all convinced.

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    oh yeah your a bad ass. QQ more.

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    Your not just a bad ass your Armand!!!!

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