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    Things I wish I had known as a noob

    I'm starting this thread as a helpful guide for nooks. I know there are little things I wish I had known early on in the game that I eventually learned, but would have been nice to know a bit earlier.

    Please post those tips you would pass on to others noobs. Plus anything in the 'tip' category that experienced players may have missed. I'll start out with a couple.

    - to get food, use the forage action. (sounds simple, but the chat channels almost always get this question from new players.

    - keep your resources tab open. When u walk over an area, the resources will change dyamically, making you exploration more productive. If u find a resource u need, and u have the right tool, u can harvest them. This is also how u drink.

    - carrying logs.. U carry them on your back. U cannot put them in your pack. I see this one in chat sometimes also. (plus I messed with trying to do this also)

    - many gathering tools have to be manually equiped. Remove your weapons and put your axe in your right hand (on the inventory screen). I had a devil of a time wondering why I couldn't chop down a tree when I had an axe in my inventory. I am used to most games, where it automatically picks the require item from your pack.

    That's all I can think of. If I can think of any more, I'll add em.

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    Remember where you first spawn, after getting set up go back to that area to grief noobs

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    Press esc and go into keybinds. You'll see all useful keys... like how to walk... how to sit... how to run... how to combat... etc.

    PS: Be sure you are moderately safe... if you're killed while in keybinds that is not griefing.

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