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    Re:Internet Pirates Beware

    [b]Redus wrote:[/b]
    [quote][b]Denmark wrote:[/b]
    [quote]well im going to be a pirate til they take my home, my internet, and my life. till then AHOY MATEYS.

    I havent paid for a game since fallout3, infact bethesda is the only company thats worth my money, the other games nowdays are shit.


    While I slightly understand the concept of pirating because you do not have the money (or because the game is not being release/legal in your region), but pirating because games are shit nowadays? Then why pirate the game if it is shit?[/quote]

    Think of it like a "demo". If it's good, you go buy it. If it's not, you just uninstall it and delete the iso.

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    Re:Internet Pirates Beware

    I just wanted to say ARGH!

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    Re:Internet Pirates Beware

    How would they prevent people who go around using other peoples WiFi, however they may get it or if its not secure, and then they shut down an innocent persons internet? I guess if it's not secure then it's the owner of the WiFis fault. But the money wasted on this program would better be spent somewhere else because they aren't going to stop it with all the tools pirates have.
    I promise that if I could show you, you would never leave it.

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    Re:Internet Pirates Beware

    What I find really amazing. So many try to justify it by saying, their ripping us off, so i'm not gonna pay. What gets me is the theifts are behaving the EXACT same way as the ones they try to use as justification...there are rip offs out their, there are "poorly developed games" that when you get them you feel like someone has stole something from you. Guess what..YOU ARE THE feel ripped off..look in the mirror and see who's ripping you off..

    As far stopping i said before, you can never stop it completely, but you will never stop murder, cons, extortion or theift either...but you gotta try, or society will crumble around you. Short sighted greedy people nothing more...


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    Oh hi, so it seems I got cut off by my ISP for sailing the high seas of the internet.
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    I'm thoroughly confused. I've never seen this before.

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    Are you aware that this thread is 8 (EIGHT) years old, of 2010 ??? Why reviving it?

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    I saw that too as soon as I saw it was unread. Like what? XD

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