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    Exclamation Come Join T.G.M Alliance.



    [SIZE="5"][U]Trade Agreements[/U][/SIZE]

    [SIZE="5"][U]Pact Agreements[/U][/SIZE]

    [SIZE="5"][U]New Alliance Tribe Members[/U][/SIZE]

    [SIZE="5"][U]Full Alliance Tribe Members[/U][/SIZE]
    Bad as can
    Pandemic Tribe
    Fallen Lords

    [SIZE="5"][U]Launch Day Alliance Members[/U][/SIZE]
    Bad as can
    Pandemic Tribe
    Fallen Lords

    [SIZE="5"][U]Enemies of The Green Mist Alliance[/U][/SIZE]
    Hopi Tribe
    Victis Honor

    [SIZE="5"][U]Interested? Join The Green Mist[/U][/SIZE]
    To Join, The Green Mist post on this thread that you are interested in joining us, and or contact the Diplomat that you are interested. If you are pass our screening and you will be invited to join the Green Mist.

    As of 02/27/2011 : we are not asking New Members to move to our location and will be asked what they would like to do; move close to Primary Tribes or stay where they are. However all members are required to assist in all wars that TGM is involved in.

    [SIZE="5"][U]Goals of the Green Mist[/U][/SIZE]

    TGM has a few goals in mind ranging from Creating a Stable Safe Trade Agreements with other Tribes / Alliances to Creating a Mega Tribe City. One our primary goals is to align all three primary tribes in the same zone and create a MEGA city that involves all three tribe's Radius. After we've created our mega city we will start developing an equally strong army and expand even further.

    TGM wish to involve themselves globally throughout Xsyon as a major in game FACTION ! We will stride steadily towards this goal, without fail.


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    Alliance have agreed on a location and are moving there now. ^_^
    Alliance is still looking for members.

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    Xsyon Citizen millsdo's Avatar
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    This will be EPIC.

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    We will come from green mist and consume everyone!

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    added new picture
    currently creating new look as well:

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    Updated: Information.

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    Three tribes now two? confirm or deny?

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    Confirm, Apache is no longer part of this alliance.

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    Wow that's some alliance you've got there now Furanku

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