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    So I'm Watching "Legion" Last Night and....

    They tune in a radio station as Angels are trying to destroy Man-kind. The radio guys says,

    "48 hours after this Apocalypse, Militia groups are fighting back, Outside of Vegas, Death Valley and Xsyon."

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    ill have what he's smoking

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    Already in popular culture how about that!

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    They said "Zion" (pronounced like Xsyon) Here is a cut and paste fron the script:

    If you're hear my voice,
    we're getting the first bits
    of good news since this
    Apocalypse began,
    nearly 48 hours ago.
    A militia has formed on
    the outskirts of Las Vegas
    and has begun to
    engage those affected.
    Getting unconfirmed reports
    of other militias gathering
    in Death Valley, Zion and
    Red Ridge National Park.

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    because 'zion' is a national park in utah...

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    SW corner of Utah, yes.

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    so how is legion referencing a park in utah, related to xsyon.
    it would be like saying you was watching the same movie after playing fallout and going "they said las vegas, thats in fallout!"

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    Don't ever let this guy watch the Matrix series.

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    or goto israel..and learn of its history

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