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    Is the game up or not?

    I got an error while installing the new installer. It says a file could not be deleted. Anyways long story short I hit ignore after a few tries to see what would happen and it loaded the patcher screen. Try to connect and it says unable to connect to the patcher server. I know I am probably going to have to delete the whole freakin game and re download because that's the most inconvenient thing I can think of... but is the game up for everyone?

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    Im sorry this was such a hard question for you jumpshot. There acually was some glitch which must have been addressed because NOW I could download the installer. Thanks for being such a sweetheart. Jesus!!! these boards are really hostile!!!!!!! why is everyone so freaking HORRIBLE????

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    What! I answered your question like a perfect gentleman!

    If you just check the above link and the Game Updates thread you wouldn't need to make posts like this. That's all I'm sayin here! Soz if I came across rude, i don't want this community to become Forumfall.

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    Please ignore this tread , I'm busy playing the game which apparently you have no idea is up. Thanks.

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