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    Question Dev/Xsyon employee question?

    Hello, my friend and I were wondering when the wipe to end all wipes will be. I stress that I am not complaining or griping. We both decided that we don't want to get burned out on the game before it launches, and we both would like to be challenged by whatever tools and skills we get with our starting characters, as well as explore the land when we play to be pleasantly surprised by what we find. So we really don't want to log in and play unless we know that it will be for good.

    Which begs the question. Any date (and if no set date) time-frame when the pre-launch will really start?

    Thank you for your answer, which will determine when I will be requesting PTO.

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    man i think 1 march is headstart and 15 is officialy release but , possible push to forward or other delay

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