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    I dont think people will stop requesting changes

    why? because people been told its a sandbox game but what we have is some game with restrictive mechanics in a game that's supposed to be a sandbox and what makes the situation even more dire/intense is that it offers some very unique features like building and terraforming but they are restricted and people feel this is a major problem and it needs to be changed for people to fully be happy and have a great game experience.

    because really? there's so many problems, people from different tribes, cant help each other, soloers (Actually means soloer) like they can't do nothing together and currently terraforming and building is like the only feature worth doing right now, unless you count the sub features like woodcutting and weapon crafting etc.

    what you think?

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    Point me to the MMO where the players stopped asking for changes.

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    The problems are not with Xsyon, the game, the problems are with the players and preconceived notions and ideas of what Xsyon is, or should be.
    Instead of coming to Xsyon and taking it for what it is, and for what the Dev(s) are trying to make it, a lot of players have packed all their stuff in whatever MMO they played before, and dragged all the baggage with them to here.
    Everyone should stop trying to label Xsyon, because, really, nobody can agree to what those labels actually mean.
    Forget Sandbox, and any other label you can think of, it is Xsyon, nothing more, nothing less.
    Unless players change themselves, they will always be trying to change Xsyon (or any other MMO they go to)

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    OP Translation: make this game a gankfest with no safety ever. Sigh, another of those threads.

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    They just need to allow alliance/friend to tribe permissions. That's probably not hard given the dev team's skills. Probably going to happen in the near future.

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    Hey Prince,

    You forgot to add to your post.....IMNSHO.

    I keep tellin' you, you can't remake someone else's game. I give ya books and I give ya books, but you just keep eating the covers.


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    or people can stop acting like a bunch of children and enjoy the game.I really hope most of these people are kids because if there grown adults then they really need more going on in there lives.

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    I just posted this in another thread but its actually relevant here too. I believe the reason changes are constantly argued for is the fact that the devs change there mind in response to vocal minorities far to easily.

    (server wipe argument)
    Those that say "oh well the guy cant win either way" well thats true but tbh its self inflicted. Why respond and make "promises" to a PM from a single guy that is known to have been stirring up trouble since he got here? Jooky is asking for trouble by making consessions to anyone let alone someone with such a poor rep.

    Why on earth does Jooky change his mind more often than his socks? Not just on this subject but countless others. If there was a bit more firm leadership and decision making half of these forum "wars" wouldnt be happening (homestead placement was another one). Most of them a born out of uncertainty, inconsitancy and a feeling that the devs can be easily swayed.

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    I really wish people would stop assuming that "sandbox" meant "no restrictions." That kind of thinking only leads to negativity and broken games. It'd be much better if people would start to think of "sandbox" as it was originally intended. "Sandbox" games are about "choice." If more people would think it about it that way, then maybe we can actually start to get some fun and balanced sandbox games that aren't Eve-Online.

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