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    tribal boundaries

    i suggest you add some sort of visual boundary to the tribal area. but only make it visible in certain ways. for example put in a button or toggle that people can turn on and off and a moving dotted line will appear showing the perimeter of your tribes area. this way itl be easier for architects to place their buildings more effectively.

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    I think this is a very helpful Idea. Maybe a temporary color say green or blue that indicates your tribal lands.

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    I'd love it for knowing which rocks I CAN and CAN'T destroy.

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    If ever they incorporate a map system into the game, something like tribe boundaries would be a good addition.

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    I very much agree with the tribe boundaries idea, but only if toggle-able like he suggested.

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    it could work like this on map the boundary is a red circle and it dont go away. but in world you have an easy toggle like N. which turns on a red shaded area beneath your feet so its easy to plan out. the red shaded area will directly mimic the boundaries as shown on the map

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    no no no .. it is not reallistic. This game suppose to be a survivor - crafting - make communities - MMO based as close to reallity as possible . Please .. not red areas for boundaries , not red dots on minimaps for enemies , not yellow marks over totems when quests aveliable . And not insta drink , insta eat , insta craft ... whatever..

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    Well Kostaras, not being able to build outside a set boundary is not very realistic either is it? I understand why you can't build out of it, but since we can't I believe a toggle-able boundary that just appears as a small line on the ground would be great.

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    @ Xidian .. also the ressurection thing is not realistic. What i say is just an opinion to keep the game as " close " to reallity as possible. With all the respect to every post in this thread. I am just too overburn from all the fantasy MMos i have played with all these fansy mechanics. No offence please

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