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    Gets worse and worse for those that pre-ordered!

    Well, just a quick rant because its 23:40 so I am grouchy and just read a posting saying the final wipe is now only ONE week before launch? What?! I paid for a two week headstart, not a one week headstart...and the point of "getting in there early" has become more and more irrelevant, because by that point, about 20 days worth of people will have joined. So that means my 2 week advantage over most players has now become a one week advantage over few players.

    Surely those that pre-ordered before the initial deadline deserve the week headstart to make up for what we have been put through? I know its not your fault, but your still responsible in my eyes, devs

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    Personally, I don't care. The biggest advantage is only going to come the first few hours after the server wipe. After that it's not going to matter anymore.

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    yes im not worried about that as much as I am about the state of the game and how the devs are going to handle an immenent launch of a game that isn't ready to be launched.

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    sorry for this... but I think it fits the situation

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    Haha, best short vid I've seen in a longtime.

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    That video is super fiting Haha made me feel slightly better about the situation

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    ROFL on the video!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atreyu View Post
    That video is super fiting Haha made me feel slightly better about the situation
    Glad it helped lol. Sorry when I saw your title this was the video that popped up in my head.

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