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    Hello from warwickshire!!!

    Hey everyone

    Im Chris from warwichsire - ingame name Sovar

    Hoping to seriously get into this game and join a well established tribe with active members on vent who are organised and friendly.

    My main interest with this game will be the crafting and gathering but im not afraid of abit of PVP either so Il be there if needed

    Heres hoping for a decent tribe to snap me up



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    First I'd like to welcome you to the game, it really is looking like a great game. My guild Forsaken was the only large guild in Mortal Online to successfully maintain it's neutral status even in the face of countless wars. We were at the top of our game in Mortal Online and I expect us to do the same in Xsyon.

    If you are looking for a tribe and we match your ideas check us out, we are happy to welcome any newcomers into our ranks.
    You can check us out here for our forum post:
    And here for our forums:

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    Welcome to the game. We have high hopes that the progress will continue. There have been a few bumps, but the game is headed in the right direction.

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    Hello Sovar, welcome to Xsyon

    What sort of tribe were you looking for? Because our tribe are currently recruiting. We are looking for a few more friendly players, looking for an enjoyable gaming experience amongst a small group of players. We are aiming for between 10 and 15 tribesmen at the most. Each player will have his own responsibilities instead of just making up numbers like most tribes. We now have a ventrillo server to use aswell, and we are ALL from the UK. So no problems with timezones

    Any more questions, feel free to PM me Enjoy your time in Xsyon,

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    Hello to another Uk member!

    Welcome to the game and Enjoy

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