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    What can I do to combat random client crashes?

    My game crashes after 15-20mins of play time. Is there anything I can do attempt to hold off the crashes? Every hour wouldn't be so bad.

    My specs are: AMD 3.6ghz 965 quad cpu, 16gb DDR3 1600 vengeance ram by corsair, ASUS crosshair IV m/b, HD 5870 ati card 1gb by XFX, 64bit windows 7, X-Fi sound blaster 7.1 sound, WD cavier black 7600rpmg 750gb hardrive, high speed cable internet. My machine is stable and bug free so...

    I run the game ins 1600x900 because that's my monitors default setting.

    Edit* I have every thing graphical in game set to the maximum and my video game is set to highest quality. If I set things down would that help at all?

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    start by turning everything in the graphics options to the lowest settings, or off it's an option and start from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithStone View Post
    start by turning everything in the graphics options to the lowest settings, or off it's an option and start from there.
    I am about to try that now, I hope it helps!

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    when I first bought the game a few weeks ago, I was also crashing every 20 minutes or so.
    I was using vista 32 bit at the time, and decided to upgrade to 7-64bit
    My crashes stopped completely, so I assumed it was that. But you know what else I did at that time, that I didn't even really think of too much until reading your post? I yanked my x-fi card in favor of onboard sound since i couldn't get my x-fi working right in 7 and didn't really want to mess with it for too long, I just wanted to get back in game fast, so I yanked it.

    May or may not be related, there was a Xsyon patch during the time I installed 7 as well, so maybe they just happened to nip my crashing with that... not sure.
    worth a shot though maybe disabling the x-fi to see if you can isolate the reason. If it works, that'll be two of us it worked for and might help them resolve it

    Good luck with it. I was there and know how frustrating it is to re-enter the game every 15-20 minutes.

    Also, I know it helps them a lot to send your crash and client logs to

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    The graphics being set down really didn't help. I will try the sound card.... man I hope it works. I am not lazy or anything, but it takes me 5mins to load back into the game so each crash in this game is so annoying. I mostly just walk away form the PC for a bit. I can't get much done in game.

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