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    Can i still run it?

    the game reqs a Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3Gh i have an AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile M520 2.30GHz could i run it i have all the other specs

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    be prepared to turn everything to rediculously minimal settings. itll prob run it itll just look like crap

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    cpu wise It will run fine..(am running it whit a dual code 2.8. your running a 2 core 2.2 , the requirment is for a single core 3.0

    As you have a mobile cpu its more intresting to see what kind of videocard you have and the total ram (memory you have) that might be the real limmets of your notebook whit the game.

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    i have 4gb of ram

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    currently running a laptop (core 2 duo t6600 2.2ghz processor,4g of ram and i don't even know what the video card is...thats how bad this thing is) at 1024 x768 resolution, everything on minimum, and getting 5-10 fps.

    my gaming rig is an i7 960 3ghz 12g ram and gtx 580 video card, everything on max settings i am still getting a solid 45-60 fps.

    this game cannot really be played from a combat perspective if your computer isn't good enough, unfortunately. all i can do is terraform and such on the lappy

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