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    Question about launch placements

    I read somewhere that you are giving all the beta players their desired spots in the game at launch... Can I ask if this is true and why?

    I dunno, but I purposely didn't port out and adventure, saving most exploration for retail etc, and I'm quite sure the big guilds did the opposite and know everything and where everything is and where to setup camp. So not sure why you giving free dibs in the game that is all about openness and for the taking to them?

    Reading that was a big downer, and have to say a lot of my friends who are waiting for launch who not buy yet are a bit miffed by this and hessitant to play now..

    Hopefully you are not falling victim to the fanboy support system. they may pay your rent initially but let me tell you, I come from many other fanboy controlled games, like Faces of Mankind etc. Your fanboys can destroy your company just as well as they can sustain it at launch. Most of them are kniving manipulative exploiters that do whatever it takes to get power and abuse their authority and shun the rest of the community completely. Anyhow, good luck in your choice. although I think its a bad one right now.
    Come launch day, I should have the right to lay my head (homestead) anywhere I chose not already chosen by someone before me.. And be driven out of the spot if someone has the skills to try. Not get born into a completely controlled zone, kinda have problem that in real life, dont want to pay for it again

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    As of right now we are simply adding the totem database that was saved at a certain point. The team is not giving certain tribes any special treatment. Do also keep in mind the world is absolutely massive and a few totems placed here and there won't have any bearing on you or your friends ability to find an awesome spot. Anyways, we will be opening more of the world up in due time, which means tons of new opportunity for you guys! The team is totally dedicated to making sure everyone has a good time, not just fanboys. So don't worry too much guys, we're on your side.

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    The game originally launched on Feb 18th, but there were some server problems that caused major lag and some tribes dealt with it and manage to get totem set even though they spent up to 12 hours, other tribes just gave up and logged.

    What Ananchel is talking about is they saved the files from that day and the tribes that were able to get their totem set are going to get their spot back.

    This has nothing to do with tribes from beta.

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    Bad call imo theres a poll in the prelude talk and it looks like the majority want a full wipe.

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    ok, thanks for the update.

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    Yeah, the devs sent out an email poll to ask people if they wanted save totems or not. I voted no, but even if they do not save totems pre-orders will still get a week of gameplay to play totems before launch. Which is just a perk for pre-ordering.

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