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    Just came back - bit confused about launch etc

    Hey all, ive been away from the game for awhile now - pre-ordered sometime beginning of last year and since then the game has of course been pushed back - what is fine with me, no dramas with that.

    Now im abit confused with the actual launch, prelude and all that.

    First off - when does the game "actually" gets released full for everyone to buy, subscribe and play.

    Secondly - the prelude as i believe is before the actual "full" release, is that correct? If so, when does that actually start.

    Because i purchased the game etc, when does my subscription, free month or whatever start?

    Im confused because all these server wipe, releases, pre release, prelude etc

    I just don't want to miss the first day (unless i already have then thats too bad for me!)


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    Actual game launch is March 15th

    Early access is going to be about a week from that, this is when the final wipe will happen.

    If you buy it now you can help test.

    You get 2 free months starting on March 15th

    Prelude starts with early access and will last for approximately 6-9 months.

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    Thanks Keith - so 8th march is early access starts then yes? and thats when the final wipe will be then?


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