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    Error: Connection dropped

    When launch the game get this error:

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    I am having the same problem. Please let me know if you find a fix. I have AT&T U-Verse.

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    Hello guys,

    Sorry for the long delay in a reply. Please try turning off any third party firewalls or anti-virus and see if you can connect. If you can you need to open ports.

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    Firewall / Virus protection disabled. DMZ-plus mode for the computer in router config. Admin mode. Windows Vista, AT&T U-Verse.

    When I uninstall/reinstall, the first attempt will usually get to about 11MB into the patch (gets me pumped up!) before I receive the Error: Connection Dropped. After that, it gets to "Analyzing Files..." and then I get dropped before any type of download occurs. If my firewall was blocking, wouldn't it not even get started with the first 11MB? Is there some type of log that shows my attempts on the server side which might help explain the drops?

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    bit confused, so do you get the connection dropped but it still continues to analyze? It should just stop and connection dropped.

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    It starts out analyzing files then it says connection dropped. It does not continue to analyze files after I'm dropped.

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    I would try turning off your firewalls and anti-virus then, just to test.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtus View Post
    I would try turning off your firewalls and anti-virus then, just to test.
    As I mentioned above, I have done that. I actually got it to start patching this morning, it was rolling much further into it (500 MB) when it stopped again. It stopped immediately as I turned my X-Box (Live) on to play while it patched, so there may be some interference running there.

    I removed the X-box from the network, reset everything and tried again, and continue to get the same error. I'm determined to get this working, just hoping someone will see this and have an idea I haven't already tried.

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    yeah, idk any more. please contact


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