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    Hi Guys,

    My name is Ripper X. I do Youtube videos and build mansions with my bare hands.
    Look forward to PvPing all of you as soon as I can finish downloading the game.

    Ripper X

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    Welcome, great videos man!

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    Ripper X from DF?
    anyway welcome

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    Welcome to Xsyon Ripper!


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    Thanks. Yea Vadio, looking forward to this game, it seems like a combo of Minecraft/H&H and a bit of DF. Any case, looks interesting, although not sure if I can make my own log cabin at the top of the mountain and be a hermit or if I need to find a guild...

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Feb 2011
    Hey Ripper. Ruyn/Badaboom here. Hope to see you ingame.

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    Sup Bada,

    Right on man, looking forward to it.

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    Hey Ripper aka themerc with the sick voice. Love your vids and hopefully Xsyon can keep you interested.

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    Hopefully Priscus, so far I like the concept, but having trouble getting resources to make tools. 1st day in though. :P

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    Feb 2011
    For solo, its tough getting over that first hurdle. The hurdle being, you need some baskets for storage and you need tools. Start with either either basketry or toolmaking. Once you get a tool recipe that is easy to grind (you learn new recipes at random) then you are set.

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