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    The Stats in-game

    Can any one please explain me what every single stat do?
    Stenght dex agi etc..

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    The manual has some of this information. Also if you search the forum you will find information scattered about. There is also a great deal of conjecture around skills. Some aren't even fully implemented. There is still some mystery involved, which in my opinion is part of the fun.

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    In addition to the OP; do your stats increase/decrease as you use/neglect them or stay the same from the beginning? (didn't see anything about stats increasing)

    Also I read that you gain 10 skill points each time you level up, but i've also seen clips where people gain skills by doing things, specifically; running. Do you gain skill in everything i.e woodcrafting - from craftng wood, axe skill - from using your axe. In addition to the skill points you can distribute when you level up?

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