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    Attribute bonuses

    thread moved from general discussion due to lack of reply from DEVs side.

    My questions are simple,
    1. What does give me maxing the attributes like charm, dexterity etc?
    2. If I have more Dexterity it mean I will make better things OR faster OR I will experience less fails?
    3. Do charm really boost my luck (I know its not in game yet, but I dont want to make new char after 2 weeks)?
    4. How much boost to health give me Fortitude?
    5. Inteligence is binded with all craft, but how? Does it give me more recipes?
    I have a question about gear also. Where can I see how/what I am wearing affecting my stats? Nothing ever changes regardless of what I equip. lol
    Is everything just for "looks" at the moment?
    does equipment has any kind of influence atm at all or is it just cosmetics?

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    Armor/equipment is just for looks atm.

    I would like this addressed immediately after launch (after the server/code is stable etc).

    It's that important (to both crafting/trade and PvE/PvP). Without it, we do not have much of a video game outside of terraforming and construction.

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    All stats affect skills that are assigned to them. For example fortitude and agility will let you run longer, you'll have more energy and it'll regenerate faster.
    At low skill level it's hard to notice and I havent tested it with high skills. High int should make you learn new recipes more often and high spirit should affect your exp gain.

    Unless you're sure you won't need that stat I wouldn't drop it too low.

    Equipment doesn't affect your stats as far as I know. Better tools will let you make better items but they're not boosting your skill.
    I think that armor will give you dmg reduction or it already does, but with bug in dmg calculation we can't test it. Hopefully it will be tracked soon.
    For now armor seams to work only for looks.

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