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    Will there be trading?

    It seems right now that trading/commerce isn't existing in the game, tribes will have access to every item, tool or resource within a few hours of launch and if that's the case what would traders have to trade with? Not to mention the fact that there is absolutely no reason to pay the trader as you might as well just kill him and take his stuff (I'm not saying I dislike the full loot system).

    I know that when the junk piles begins to fade trade will be more important, but can soloists wait for this? The junk piles wont be gone in a week or so and even if they did the tribes would have so much stuff that they wouldn't really need anything, anyone else could supply for them, not to mention that the soloists doesn't have anything to trade to the tribes to get a few tools, bins, weapons or what ever they might need.

    Seeing this, one might say “well join a tribe then”, yea but does that mean the only interaction we have with outsiders (other tribes) is when we go for some pvp? Seeing tribes would have even less reason to trade with other tribes than the soloist.

    I hope I don't have to start the game come launch day by exploiting (yes it is exploiting) the character creator system to get all the tools possible, drop them in a bin in my homestead and then just solo play not interacting with anyone else.

    I don't know how to even start to fix this or even if it should be fixed (maybe take a look at the combat system first )

    Am I the only one who would love to start a trading outpost (or something similar) that actually finds this a bit problematic?

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    You best bet is to horde and trade the sorted items from junk piles and salvaging.

    Bolts, screws, nails, medallions, rubber soles, etc.

    These are what people want and will trade you for. Yeah they collect these items themselves, but it's work/time, and essentially work/time is what your trading for in this game.

    I would suggest they come to your territory to trade, that way you are protected from a gank. Start with local trading. Learn to know who you can trust and who you cannot.

    Also perhaps look to plant your totem close to a large mapping of junk piles.

    Just my .02

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    there's plenty of stuff you can't get from the junk piles, and there are plenty of rare items that will be in high demand for trade that you can only get through scavenging.

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    People who attack traders now will pay (more!) later. I know I'm not the only trader who has a notepad handy and plans for filling it with the names of 'special' customers who will have to pay 'special' prices, if they're lucky enough to have a chance to trade with me again at all.

    I'm not really trying to trade right now, or build trading relationships, as a wipe is on its way, but after the wipe, once I have a few necessities taken care of, I will be wandering the roads trading much of the time. If I die, so be it. I won't be trading anything I can't replace. And I will remember who killed me, and where.

    Also, people who trade with me will remember me later when they might need something their crafters don't have the resources to make right at that moment, and I'll remember them. Maybe at first trade won't be strictly necessary, but it really wouldn't be a bad idea to get out and do a bit of it anyway.

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    yea my point being I have to stay in my own homestead and can only trade with who ever drops by (after spamming local :P) but cant really seek out anyone.

    i know i can go see what they want and then tell em to come to me to get it, but that's kinda limited also.

    yea im also writing down tribe names that i shouldn't even try to visit any more, but i need to get some bins and tools right out of the gate or else im stuck with just collecting stuff and starting as a basket weaver.

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    Yeah it's going to be small/local until someone builds a large tribe/territory and turns it into a "trade hub" (you will be able to buy/sell off your totem, like an auction house/vendor etc).

    If your looking to focus only in trading, perhaps that should be your long term goal - to run/mayor this "city". This game will need places like this.

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