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    [Suggestion] 1 drink of water fills bar

    I like that theres thirst in the game but its really too much hassle having to spam the drink action several times to fill your bar. considering how quick the thirst bar goes down for simple fun reasons, 1 drink should be enough to fill the bar.

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    Takes more than one bite to finish your supper and takes more than one drink to finish your drink why should it be different in a game. I kinda like the realizm of this so IMO id leave it alone wait for the water containers.

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    I would have to say a big NO for that one... although I do think they should lessen the amounts it takes to fill your bar. Or maybe make containers, (i.e. water bottles, flasks, waterskins) to drink from which raise your thirst bar faster.

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    I'll be honest guys, I've worked in a field before and never have I drank as much water as often as my character has to. I think you should have to drink only 3 or 4 times slightly less often to be more realistic. Food seems fine with me at the moment.

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    Why not just increase the amount of time it takes and have it fill up with one use.

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    yeah I agree. Two or three drinks then full.. not 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tandarie View Post
    yeah I agree. Two or three drinks then full.. not 10

    Food seems good, water seems like it takes too much

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    I imagine with cooking you will make drinks/food that fill your bar faster or keep you full/quenched longer.

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    If it was a simple 1 - 3 clicks to fill your bar, you wouldn't feel the need to refill as often, you wouldn't be as exposed to others because you neglected your character's thirst, and this isn't a traditional (see within the last 5 years) where everything happens quickly because we're all impulsive now.

    I like that it takes a few extra actions if you neglect your character. I like that it breaks the current trend of everything should be action-packed and quick. Just my opinion, of course.

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