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    What aspect do you like the xsyon

    I asked this question earlier today
    *one post per person (plz)

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    Freedom to run around without pants, and no one complains

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    Being able to go to my little spot and not be bothered.

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    The terraforming. Being able to change the landscape is just way too much fun.

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    Building villages from the 'grizzly adams' starting point

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    Being able to sleep underwater is fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesla View Post
    Being able to sleep underwater is fun.
    Yeah, that too But really

    The economy. Kinda hard to be spammed by gold sellers when there's no gold to sell!

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    Being able to see what we'll do with empty world. How will economy and politics look like. Being able to infuence the world(particularly economy).

    I want to see what aspect poeple will focus on is it going to be all about war and territory control or maybe we'll go to war to gain economical advantage.
    I wonder if people will start to create buissnesses like tawerns, tranport services, mercenary guilds. Will tribes look like companies running those buissesses or like nations in which players will create smaller groups to gain wealth.

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    Being part of an evolving world. Have to admit that as much as I enjoy the crafting/construction/exploring right now I'm most looking forward to the stuff yet to come. Always wanted to explore being a frontierwoman, though not in real life - heck I can't handle camping for more than a couple of nights

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    A good Mix from Wurm Online, Eve Online and Darkfall with good Ping and good Game Updates, thats all Xsyon have a good Basic and i think it can be great for us all. So we will get a very good MMO , with the best crafting and pvp features in the mmo´s world.
    So, CU Mates

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