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    Is this game worth preordering or waiting?

    So I'm new here and I'm fairly interested in this game. I'm unable to decide whether I should pre-order the game in order to play it or if I should just play the trial when that happens. I'm watching Saintbob's tutorials and the game is looking more and more worth it as I go through. However, I'm still not sure whether I should go ahead and buy it or not.

    I'm basically looking for a Wurm Online type game. Nice big sandbox game to make a little settlement in. My problem with Wurm was I basically just got bored of doing the same thing over and over, especially with a lack of real currency to get. Is there ranged combat? Bows, arrows, guns and such? How complicated is crafting? Is there a stupid system where the higher your skill, the higher the quality AND CHANCE of crafting, or what? I was annoyed at failing so much when trying to craft things in Wurm and I'm sure I can handle if the system is the same in Xsyon. However, are there any key differences between this and Wurm?

    I'm also looking for a small community of mature people with a VoIP program (Vent?), or if they don't have one, I have one they can use provided they take me in.

    Sorry if I kind of went all over the place with this post, I'm listening to Saintbob whilst typing and it's... a bit more difficult to do both than I had thought it'd be.

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    Make sure to look up Alex Taldren's videos as well. Think he did a 3 part series involving it. Those videos are the ones that convinced me to go ahead an pre-order.

    Its really your call. I pre-ordered knowing there is a wipe coming soon. I log in and get the feel for the game and take things casually at least until that last wipe. Then, of course, its serious bidness time hehe.

    By no means is this a "finished" game or even a game with huge finances only looking to pull a portion of the WoW crowd. Its a small indie group that actually seem to be doing pretty freaking cool things. I bought it for the simple aspect that they are TRYING something new and creative. Like all MMO's, its not going to be perfect on release day and every day after. They will evolve, change, and re-do many things. Thus why they are giving 2 free months of playtime.

    I have faith in the direction of the game and attitude of the Devs. It looks VERY promising. Will 40 bucks break you? Yes, ive easily wasted about 1k on CRAP mmo's and regret it, but theres always a risk in purchasing an MMO. Personally, im very happy i pre-ordered. Ive gotten the chance to break the ice and get a feel for it.

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    Hm. I'm seriously considering it. I just need to find some friends to play it with. You with a tribe or anything?

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    So I've figured I really want to find a tribe with a ventrilo to join before I decide to preorder. And I can't post in the LFT forum, so what do I do?

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    Not sure the access granted as per a registered forum user and actual payed-for member...

    I havent signed up with a direct tribe yet. Pre-ordered due to reasons posted above. I then sent out posts on the gaming communities I am part of to gauge interest on if im playing alone or what "group" way i should go. Im weighing my options and looking, thoroughly, at a couple options that I feel would be a mutually beneficial relationship between a tribe and I.

    Not "selling" the game to you, but its obvious that having the ability to get in game and see all required forums make it MUCH easier to hook up with a tribe...Worst case scenario is you are out of 40$ ;[

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    Hm. I might just do it anyway. Maybe I could stick with you or something? I don't know anyone that's even heard of the game. I've 'got' a vent a tribe can use if needed, but I just need to find a friggin' tribe.

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    Id suggest going right into the recruitment sections and go from there.

    Ive only been here a short time, whereas MANY of the tribes that have a wealth of knowledge about the game are always recruiting. One major reason I pre-ordered was to give me ample time to weigh out tribal options.

    Would not suggest waiting around on me ;] Thanks though!

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