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    Prelude Phase: Horde

    I've noticed a few people asking why are defenses relevant if nobody can attack us?

    Why build walls at all?

    For the after the prelude? That will take to long, I'll get bored.

    So my thoughts are horde waves every few days that just attack our zones and settlements, possible stealing our supplies if they break through. Could also be reason to team up with your fellow man.

    I mean how awesome would it be during these times Good and Evil tribes teamed up to fight side by side all for the sake of survival? It would also make walls relevant (which make masonry and woodworking useful). At least then people wouldn't get bored waiting for tribal warfare and give us a reason to team up for survival (not just for building).

    I know this is a sandbox and we make our own enemies but the world is our enemy as well. World events such as natural disasters and NPC hordes would bring us together even if only for a short while and give many settlements a purpose.

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    would be awesome
    a lot of games tried to do it but failed

    i think for this one it would take another 3 months of coding

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    If they can make it it would be great fun.

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    Great idea.
    A horde of mutants or zombies of some kind would be great. Made me think of a mob of zombies attacking that little camp of survivors in the woods in Walking Dead TV series

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    Would be lots of fun. I'm not optimistic about this being coded anytime in the near future though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    There really is no point to build anything at the moment. It's just a time sink.

    Could be fun, I guess. Darkfall tried this out with gm-controlled mobs attacking cities and what not.
    Gm controlled mobs would be cool until they could get the coding down. One of the few reasons I suggested this is so that way there is another reason to build walls and houses other than to RP living there (because that's basicly the only purpose to the buildings atm, oh and E-peen purposes).

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    I love things like this, so I'd be all for it!

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    Love the thought of this as well.

    *Remembers some of the invasion scenes from The 13th Warrior*

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    That would be awesome if it could be pulled of right

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    Sweet, I'm gonna be an orc.

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