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    Spawn of animals, is this being fixed?


    While I haven't seen everyone of the threads, I was curious to know about something. First off, I like combat, perhaps just to get animal kills, etc. or whatnot but I can't seem to find any animals. I have run for hours now over the period of a couple of days and yet have not even come across a grass snake.

    I guess it makes me wonder if there is a point to combat other than pvp now? I would suggest respawning a few animals or is it that I am not looking in the right spots? I swear I have searched mountains, water, land, constructed areas, outside of constructed areas, etc.

    I really enjoy the concept of this game, it really reminds me of the OLD UO. I had such a great time in that way back when. My only constructive criticism would be to possibly add a few "danger" areas...possibly mutant fallout after the big wake up, perhaps some of the people in this new apocolyptic era woke up "insane" and have horded in certain caves or whatnot.

    Anyway, just a suggestion and a question. Thanks for any assistance.


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    There is an answer somewhere in the updates thread. on the "release" date. . not headstart animals will "breed" and all of the new animal types will be added to the game (20 or so total?) I will see if I can find the info. So right now it is sort of turned off.

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    Supposedly they are not re-spawning right now. To date I have seen two bear, a fox, and a mule deer. That is over a few weeks of playing.

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    hmm i seem to find lots of animals in the 4 hours i played last night i came across 2 deer 3 bears and 1 coyote

    not sure if its because of the starter weapon but they all die way to fast and way to easy 2-4 hits wish combat was a bit harder

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    When the server resets I seem to come across several. Then I kill them or they get hunted to death and I don't see any for days.

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    I have seen many bear, raccoons, coyotees and 2 mule deers. I always find more animals when I am NOT looking for them lol.

    I find it odd they would not test the other animals they are going to add at launch. Also will this mean more recipes for bone craft? because as it is you have to have the specific animal bones in a lot of recipes.

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    A racoon killed me. So did a coyote one time. Cant seem to land a hit on the short little critters and get owned.

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    I had a bear and coyote chasing me until I got winded. They both killed me then the bear took out the coyote…very cool feature.

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