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    and go to bed and let us play a little. :P

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    I say forget terraforming and release it later

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    Was just in game and terraforming like crazy...had no issues with lag (at least for me). I say (tentatively) good job! It'll be interesting to see how things go with more people on.

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    Yeah, I terraformed the crap out of my camp, had no lag sofar. I basically made a 10ft wall around my camp of dirt.

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    can't wait to try it out when i get up tomorrow. bedtime for now, though

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    Yeah lets not go and forget terraforming... its a massive part of the game and one of the things that pulled me in..

    Anyway good to see that its working

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowlz View Post
    I say forget terraforming and release it later
    I say take the time needed to Fix it . Terraforming is a large part of early camp preparation and is the first thing that needs doing . It would be no good having it reactivated a couple of months after release .

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    Worked fine for me all morning...

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