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    Screen Resolution & Performance

    Don't know what section to post this, but can I reduce my screen resolution under options for increased performance and then still maximize the screen when I'm playing the game? I used to play WW2 Battleground Europe and believe this option was available. I am also trying to use Game Booster and Advanced System Care to help out, has anyone had a good experience with these two?

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    Not hard to test out -- just change the resolution to something less than the native of your monitor and leave it set to Fullscreen.

    I'm fairly certain it would work, I can't say I've ever seen a game where it wouldn't. I'd test it if I were at home.

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    I have another problem - it doesnt matter what res/texture size I have, I have the same fps - 12. I can play in window - no change of fps. Any clue?

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    Try to reduce Shadows .. it helps a lot

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    Shadows are off. AA on or off, doesnt make change in fps.

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    Xsyon is still fairly unoptimized. Mortal Online suffered from the same thing close to launch as well. With bug fixes and patches will eventually come engine/performance improvements. It will just take time.

    I like to think I have a pretty decent gaming rig and even I stutter at some places in the game.

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    Weird. I think my rig is pretty mediocre and I only have to turn off advanced shadows on some occasions. I still have a ridiculously far view range on the environment as well. When it's winter, however, it feels like hardware has a harder time. Possibly the reflection/refraction of light off of the snow. When I turn one of those off (if I have adv shadows on) things are fine.

    Gcard drivers up to date?

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    Quote Originally Posted by orious13 View Post
    Gcard drivers up to date?
    Always. But nvm, i can still beat others on 1v1.

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