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    Error: Couldn't create a File

    The launcher says this when i try to start Xsyon. Anyone has a clue how to solve this ?

    It seems the EU-Update Server doesn't like me.......but now after downloading the patch he says"Unable to Create Direct Sound".

    System is fine DxSound also other games run perfect

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    Make sure you have the latest installer from here:

    If this does not help, then you should contact

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    I had this issue as well and discovered that the Xsyon process was still running even after I closed the game. I am assuming that this may cause an issue. You can ctrl-alt-del > Task Manager > Process tab and see if there is a Xyson.exe (forget exact process name) and if so then end that process before starting the game or, if uncomfortable doing that, just restart your pc and see if the issue remains.

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    Now i have the problem that he is unable to create Direct Sound....damn i wanne play abit around

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    I solved this problem by running the Xsyon launcher as administrator.

    As for the sound problem, make sure your DirectX is up-to-date.

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    Sometimes when the game closes it will not end out of your processes. You running it as admin just opens another instance of the game... ctrl+alt+del look for Xsyon.exe running, right click it and close it and this should solve all your problems once you run the launcher again.

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    No process running. it runs as admin. Dx is the newest.I already played Xsyon but it won'T work with thel atest patches

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