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    Greetings from the UK


    I've just stumbled across this game and I think (and hope) this might be the game I've been waiting for.

    I've played pretty much everything since 1999 Ultima Online and to date haven't found a game that'll offer me the sense of community and adventure that UO once did. Xsyon sounds fascinating with a lot of unique features and for the first time in a long while I'm genuinly excited about an MMO.

    I'd appreciate any beginner tips people can provide!

    Anyway - just wanted to say hi - look out for me in game.


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    Log in and explore the land and get a feel for the place. Read some of the guides on these forums and of course the manual. Ask lots of questions in global using /y or in regional using /s.

    My best advice is to just talk to the community about whatever you have a question on. Because the server will be wiped for launch what you do now is get to know the controls and functions in the game, explore the world and meet potential friends or enemies when the game goes live.

    Oh and did I mention asking the community in the game for advice

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    Welcome Check out Saintbob's tutorial videos, they are great help for new players.

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