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    History of MMO's and why they failed

    Whats YOUR history with MMO's and YOUR opinion as to why they failed?

    Ill start briefly:

    Ultima Online - Introduction of Trammel...downhill from there.

    Age of Conan - Promise of many items implemented in game on release day, however, some of us got well past their desired "quota" and found NONE of it had been implemented yet. Specifically - sieging. When returned to game a year later - The apex of the game (sieging again) was absolutely boring and not put in properly. That is IF you could get past the lvl 80 grind to get there.

    Darkfall - Did not listen to community. Absolutely the worst release ive ever seen. Released an NA server, but you have to PAY to migrate AND start all over? wtf. I also spent more time macroing than playing. To me, thats not "playing" a game.

    Shadowbane - Did not fail in my opinion. It lasted through all the other games and horrible ownership transitions. Even after its death, the community has stuck together for over 2 years attempting to emulate the project. I cannot log in today, thus it is dead.

    Etc etc...lets discuss what you liked/disliked with all mmo's, great ideas that failed, and weather you are pvp/crafter type.

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    UO - started on Chesapeake, played there for a long time.....patch came out nerfing PvP (red stat loss) so most of us stopped playing.....they opened Siege Perilous....we all started playing again....dabbled with some EQ and Dark Age of Camelot in between the break from Chesapeake to Siege Perilous....nothing killed UO for just became boring....none of us were interested in the Age of Shadows expansion and everyone was looking for this new game called "Shadowbane".....

    Shadowbane - one of the best ever.....played this one WAY too wife HATED it....LOL......would have liked to have seen more server wipes/restarts ("Winners declared") the end boredom ended its life cycle.....not a development staff....I would play this game all night....then we would play the forum politics all day at was GREAT.....I played Shadowbane thru the entire cycle of 1st gen Star Wars I missed that but it was a good trade off....

    Lineage II - I was hooked at were amazing....then I spent one whole Saturday (literally) killing the exact same thing over and over to get 1 level.....the grind was just too much in this game....

    City of Heroes - fun because it was radically different (fast paced arcade combat) real PvP and too much PvE grind in the end though….

    EQ2 - Nagafen PvP PvP rule set....everyone was playing WoW....I started playing this....I thought it was a really good mixture of PvP/PvE in the rule set....local banking was the end I got sick of all the travel time....EQ is HUGE, way too many zones lol

    WoW - I fought this game forever because I knew I would not like it.....I made it to level 70 (Burning Crusade) then quit.....I only played it that long because everyone else was playing it and there was simply nothing else to gear at level 70 was laughable….and I did not and have ever cared….lol

    Pirates of the Burning Sea - this game had the potential to be one of the best PvP sandboxes ever.....but they had this "PvP toggle flag" making it impossible to play their literally had to grind PvE in order the generate PvP.....we told them for WEEKS to open a full blown PvP server (no PvP flag) but they did not listen and the game flopped harder than a fat person at Sea World....this game is a perfect of example of how developers can kill a sandbox mmorpg...not the players.....

    Age of Conan - I lasted one month....this game was graphically amazing and who knows how much money it single-handedly made the PC gaming hardware upgrade industry (lol)....but who wanted to grind for something obviously missing and broken in the we all bailed

    SAGA - RTS meets MMORPG meets player trading cards....I sorta got into this a lot of fun....I revisit it from time to time to get my RTS fix.

    EvE - one of the best sandboxes ever.....I play this game still on and off....I play EoH (online Texas hold'em) weekly to keep ISK in my pockets without having to run active accounts......only thing I hate about this game is all the $ and logistics it takes to find spend hours while the game plays itself in order for 3 minutes of PvP......

    Warhammer - loved this game for the first 20 levels....level 1-20 PvP was awesome and very fun.....after that the game was all downhill and was nothing more than upgraded particle effects.....I could literally bot every aspect of this was so simple and brain the end I had literally botted 3 full characters using a nifty piece of software called the Macro Goblin....

    Darkfall - loved this game.....but the dumb ass developers not implementing a skill cap killed it....I mean killed it....the first 2 months were awesome....then the macro walls started....then macroing the magic schools started....then if you did not could not keep up....literally....that became the content.....skill based became macro based....and it turned into the emptiest sandbox ever....

    Fallen Earth - now this is a great game...for about a month....then it's nothing more than a level grind with arena based PvP.....

    Mortal Online - #1 waste of money on a mmorpg I have ever spent...this game was a complete joke and nothing more than a modded unreal engine, ran by a rich ass kid, who wanted to be an l337 programmer by day....and a techno DJ by night.....100 dollar special edition pre-orders on a game that was literally my opinion he pulled off one of the largest scams this decade has seen in the mmorpg

    Perpetuum - best Indy sandbox I have played - it was well done, no bugs and polished....unfortunately there is just not enough end game to keep people around....I made it to Heavy Mechs in this is sorta like a "light" version of EvE but with more player immersion (on land not in space)....

    Xbox 360 - Call of Duty: Black Ops, I know not a mmorpg....but this is the only console game I have really played/liked.....the online play/content is simply amazing!

    Xsyon – hoping for the best! At the moment this game is my passion due to the huge potential it brings!


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    Runescape: I played this game as my first mmorpg from 2002-2006 on and off because until 2005 I did not own a pc personally. The quests were subperb the ability to do whatever you wanted and make your character how you will was amazing. The dueling and pvp system was pretty fun until everyone starting making pures, then the game became more of a luck factor. Jagex tried to get rid of RWT(real world trading)and thusly killed their game, by getting rid of the wilderness and trading. They however brought it back, but I prefer more skill based combat like darkfall.

    World of Warcraft: I got to level 48 before I got tired and bored of the game. At this point I said f**k it because I didn't like the idea of a carrot on a stick instances. I came back for Burning crusade and just quit a little after.

    LOTRO: I just played beta, but coming from WoW which by now I hated with a passion, I naturally hated this game, atlhough I enjoyed the lore and things like titles.

    Age of Conan: The game had potential with its combo system. However we soon realized that upon level 80 that Khessetta pvp was all to do. We did Kylillki, Vistrix and the Wurm, but it became boring to us. Not to mention the Gem damage that made guardian unkillable 1 shotting tanks of doom. I came back with Murderherd about 4-5 months ago to try the game again, but Darkfall combat ruined me and pvp gear was just going against pre-mades level 10 pvp guilds.

    Warhammer online: I did not expect much from this game while waiting for Darkfall. I raped face with my Brightmage, but found that putting players in pvp over and over and over again becomes stale. Quit after 2 weeks.

    Aion: I didn;'t actually play release just beta. Hated it too Wowish.

    Darkfall online: I still play this game, but I yearn for better. This game had/has potential like a mofo, and I had great fun in the beginning, but zerging was way too prevalent. It was either join a zerg or get crushed. Cities had no gates, towers to begin with which made holding a city horrible. The Dev team doesn't listen to their customers and we see the negative impacts it has. Many days were spent on the blood wall or afk running. I did get 60 fire magic on EU no easy feat.

    After the whole zerging scene I quit waiting for Mo with my guild, but we later came back after the Sea expansion was put in. The Grind although lowered was still horrendous and it became macroing and afking. Various things were in game such as villages and the parcel delivery, but were broken and not really worth the time. Too many exploitable things such as water logging and dungeon logging.

    The thing that killed this game the most was Arac having too much of an advantage while zerging had no disadvantages. No skill cap, everything focused on pvp, too much grind, racial enemies having no reason, exploiting mobs, the dev team not listening to their community, and no updates to non pvp related things. If this game fails I will most likely head back to darkfall.

    Mortal Online:
    Waste of 60 dollars. Played beta a bit and never touched release. Such a fu*cking scam.

    All points bulletin:
    Great game, but not enough content and too much hacking and exploits. I had fun though.

    DCUO: Boring, not enough content, exploits, no real world pvp aside from ganking. Pvp arena grinding.

    I always seem to miss the great mmorpgs like SWG, UO, and Shadowbane.

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    Neverwinter Nights- stumbled in to this game about 1995 on AOL. Cost me a small fortune with its pay by the minute feature. Was a lot of fun, and quite a bit of it was PvP. I found a Lawful -Good guild to run with as it seemed everyone and their sister was Chaotic-Evil..Just looking for a target rich enviorment I suppose, as there was a lot of Role-Play there. When AOL went to a monthly fee, the game closed down, I would think because people playing were clogging up the phone lines to get in to the service.

    Ultima Online- Great game, Trammel made things a bit different, but i still played, and enjoyed it. Played up until Age of Shadows, where the changes were just too much for me to keep playing...

    Dark Age of Camelot- All right game, but couldn't get past the buff-bots, and not being able to speak to your enemy. I guess i still had some RP left in me back then..

    Star Wars Galaxies- A game really lacking in my opinion, right from the start. The NGE just made things a whole lot worse, and not the game i signed up for.

    WoW- An ok game, but as a PvP type, gear above all made things more than a bit difficult for me. Took a lot of MMO breaks during that time..

    Warhammer- I actually liked the game a lot, despite its issues. But with the development team shrinking, and problems compounding, I played off and on.

    There were other games i tried in between these like Darkfall and POTBS, but none really captured me.

    I don't think any of them "failed" as they are all still plugging along. Some i may have outgrown, or eventualy got bored with, but i had some really great times in most, if not all of them.

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    Final Fantasy 11 on Ps2 - my 1st MMO..endgame was just too time consuming for me, game has not died yet, its actually doing better then the sequel.

    DCUO on Ps3 - quit because of the extreme menu lag and non existent player communication. Almost noone has a mic or keyboard. Love DC tho...

    WoW - Stopped playing because Cata introduced exactly nothing new to the game. WoTLK might just be the pinnacle of that game, at this point they are feeding off the fact that there aren't really any other theme park alternative mmo's with the same polish, Rift included. SWTOR and GW2 poised to challenge this.

    Darkfall - awesome game, great ideas. UI is a nightmare, macro vets wearing full plate armor, swinging 2 handers, shooting arrows and casting max level offensive magic are ruining the pvp. Also lag issues in large scale battles, server side.

    SWG - arguably the best sandbox game ever created pre-NGE. played until THE patch then quit for WoW. If im gonna play a theme-park might as well play the best one. Company pride/ego preventing SOE from releasing pre-NGE servers that would explode with players overnight. Biggest travesty in video gaming imo, from the artistic/vision p.o.v.

    AOC - Terrible grind, lackluster quest system, missing features at launch, dull instances, dull classes. It does sport a wicked cool fatality system I wish more games would use though. Graphics are still the best out there I believe, even with Rift out.

    Warhammer Online - Great game on paper, Mythics presentation...not so much. Still server side performance issues all these years later, unbalanced classes, endgame promise of capitol city invasions ( the games highlight ) was lol at best and recently was changed into a 10v10 situation?....

    Rift Beta - WoW with portals that open up and spew mobs....ya im gonna spend 60 bucks on that....sure. By level 12 I uninstalled the game, it felt like I was leveling an alt in WoW.

    EvE - solid game with plenty of sandboxiness, maybe the best sandbox out right now since the demise of SWG. Not having an avatar makes the game feel....detached somehow. Incarna expansion will solve this problem and flood the server most likely, but its been "on the horizon" for years now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salvadore View Post
    Darkfall - Did not listen to community. Absolutely the worst release ive ever seen. Released an NA server, but you have to PAY to migrate AND start all over? wtf. I also spent more time macroing than playing. To me, thats not "playing" a game.
    The DF server lagged for one week, thats it. not bad for a indy company. When the NA server was released you had more than 3 month time to transfere your character for much to that

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    @BigCountry - What is your nation in SAGA? Do you know who I am? Anyone else that's played SAGA, please give a shout-out for me!

    UO - What a great experience, I loved exploring and the fact you didn't have to rely on combat to get far and have a good time. As everyone, the game started to get bad after the introduction of Trammel with UO:R. I kept playing off and on until a bit after AoS, when the game got pretty boring. Though, I loved the house editor. (I started playing again on the free shard UOSecondage and it's great, just how I remember it!)

    DAoC - I bought it, tried to play it, couldn't figure it out...Hasn't failed yet, I guess it's just outdated, I know some people who like it.

    WoW - Got to level 60 and raided Molten Core. I loved it for a while, because I was playing with friends. But then the login queues forced me to change realms and I never really played after that. Obviously it hasn't failed, but it failed me for sure because it got repetitive and boring. Story is laughable at best.

    Tabula Rasa - What a major disappointment. Played beta, but stopped early on. Failed because nothing about it was interesting...just bland all around.

    LOTRO - WoW clone, boring...Didn't fail, and will probably be around for a while as one of the most successful micro-transaction MMOs.

    EVE - Way over-complicated, clunky UI. And I'll quote my brother on this one, 'I love everything about EVE except actually playing it'. So boring, the game just plays itself a lot of the time. And when you get into combat it is way too chaotic for me because the UI is so hard to manage.

    Darkfall - Played the trial. I enjoyed it until I realized there is nothing to do. Then I died from a monster and had to wait 3 minutes to respawn. WTF?


    The list goes on and on, but the main thing is, I like to do my own thing and my own adventure. I prefer no story, and no quests, but I also don't like being ganked for no reason just to be bullied. Nothing has really scratched that itch for me just yet.

    Wow, I wasted too much time on this post.

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    WOW, great reads!!!

    I didnt mean "Failed" as in game sent to grave, but more "Failed" as in why you quit playing or failed your expectations.

    SO, in regards to UO, is it safe to say that Trammel led to its downfall?

    I also noticed that, in many games within many posts, the GRIND is also a game-killer...that fair to say? Seems the cycle is usually- Grind, get tired of it because it takes too long, quit OR grind, get to apex, quit due to content. Is that also fair to say?

    Personally, I LOATHE grinding. That's safe to say in EVERY game ive ever played. I simply cannot logically wrap my mind around spending long amounts of time killing mindless mobs, getting that super high level, or swimming against a rock for a full weeks time just go gain a few more HP.

    Macro's - I detest them. I saw some macro's in darkfall that were more complex than the systems NASA uses on their spacecraft...NO JOKE. How is that "playing" a game???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    The DF server lagged for one week, thats it. not bad for a indy company. When the NA server was released you had more than 3 month time to transfere your character for much to that
    I remember hordes of people attempting to buy the game daily. Remember when they would say "OK, EVERYONE CAN BUY FROM 11-12 EUROTIME. LIMITED COPIES" and then they were sold out within 2 minutes? I remember getting billed the full amount of game, not actually "buying" the game, and not getting reimbursed. This went on for a couple months at release.

    When did that NA server get offered? Wasn't it like 9 months down the road from launch? Waaaaaaay off the scope of the original plan? Also, didnt you have to start from scratch without migrating any skills/items? I was pretty sure you had to buy the NA "client" or something like that as well...

    That was whenever the remaining part of my associates said "F THAT" and walked away.

    I really did like DF, believed in it, and dealt with many of the "stupid" things they did for quite awhile. I really do wish it would have turned out differently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayrik View Post
    And I'll quote my brother on this one, 'I love everything about EVE except actually playing it'.
    Now that is a good quote.

    Great thread guys, love reading it.

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