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    Last night while the server was down a buddy and I where watching the ratings over at mmorpg.

    They had Xyson rated highest game at 8.99 This was higher than the mega game rifts that was just release last week.

    this can be good as it will definatly help to "sell" the game and get people tlaking about xyson..
    I am afraid it might have been a bit premature though..
    What if all these people preorder.. DL the game and log in. the servers will fail.. as they have with basic game play.. plus they will be thinking the game is almost complete with that rating and with the reviews the game has gotten as of late.
    I am sure it could put a bad taste in their mouth if they log in and see the game in the state it is in right now.

    The game is fun.. it is awesome and it is just getting started.. I hope all the good press doesn't turn into a double edged sword.

    In the future I hope some will be a little more fourthcoming with the fact the game is still in its very early stages.. still has alot of work to do to get it to completion but that
    the devs and the community are great.. the concepts are great and that this will BECOME one of the best mmo's to date..

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    We must de-rate it, before it's too late!

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    Nah we shouldn't "do" anything.. Im just thinking aloud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommybomb View Post
    How can an incomplete and barely working game have a higher rating than one that is in full release? Is Rift just that crappy?
    thing is millions of people knew exactly what it was, knew they wouldnt like it for very long, but bought it anyway.

    talk about feeding the machine

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    Rift rating is much more accurate, as many more people voted. Xsyon in comparison only had 69 votes in total. This is totally inaccurate. rating system is messed up, just like the whole site.

    LMAO, nvm that post. Rift only had 124 votes. God, is pathetic.

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    why is it pathetic its where i get all the latest infor fro MMORPGs from without that site i would not have found out about this game thats for sure..

    Tho i am guessing the rating on Xsyon was a hype meter as the game is not released yet... but the rating on rifts is actually a rating as the game is out.

    Rifts as a game works really well and plays exactly liek other cookie cutter MMOs it really does do it well.. but thats not what i like i find it stupid boring..

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    Quote Originally Posted by FabricSoftener View Post
    thing is millions of people knew exactly what it was, knew they wouldnt like it for very long, but bought it anyway.

    talk about feeding the machine

    Rift, like a motion picture, was designed and marketed to be a fast sell, not really played or supported long term.

    It worked.

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    I find Rift to be a fine alternative to WoW for many reasons and quite enjoy Rift. I prefer more challenging games though, especially those that give greater scope to player creativity.

    There is much potential here. I believe the ratings captured that feeling and the attendant hopes amongst us Xsyon Citizens.

    All who bear hope for the future here will be voting with their continued participation at a minimum.

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    Xsyon will probably hold a high rating even after release. It's new and not a cookie cutter game. It will end up winning people over from other games who are just sick of the same old junk.

    Rift was great for the first few CB. New and fun world to explore until the 4th or 5th beta. I then got incredibly bored of the game and it made me sleepy when I played it. It brings nothing new to the MMO Genre. I will give it credit that they have done a great job polishing the game, but once again nothing new.

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    That rating on is in fact the RATING, not the HYPE meter. It was a bit of a screw up on the site due to the delayed launch of Xsyon. They thought it was still March 1 instead of the new date of the 15th. Also keep in mind that on that site youre going to get groups of people who will just vote a game 1s acros sthe board becaus eit "isnt WoW" or whateve rtheir favorite game is, and others who are fans of Xsyon and just go throwing 10s on the ratings in all categories simply to bump the rating up, not becaus ethey honestly think it is a 10 in that category.

    As of now its sitting at an 8.4 though, which IMO is a pretty fair rating of the game and actually exactly the same as what my overall rating was after calculating the different categories. In comparison, Rift is sitting at 8.7 now, but being the new flavor of the month game thats kind of expected. Give it a month or 2 and we will likely see that rating drop to more like 7-7.5 as people start realising its just more of the same every MMO offers just under a different name and grow bored.

    Just be glad Xsyons rating isnt like Earthrise though, which is another (supposedly) sandbox game that just launched too. Havent tried the game myself but damn theyre getting naile dpretty hard with low ratings and bad reviews. Reviewers on gave it a 5.5 and current user rating is 4.6. Ouch. Even WAR, which by now has lost 80-90% of their subs from launch is holding a 7.7 user rating and theres tons of people out there who just plain hate that game.

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