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    Looking for a tribe


    I bought this game last night, but I figured i'm going to need some help, and stick with a tribe to keep it fun... I Live in Belgium so my timezone is GMT+1, I'm working fulltime, but I do have some spare time every night.... so if anybody would consider taking me in, please let me know


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    PM sent

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    If you are looking for a tribe my guild Forsaken was the only large guild in Mortal Online to successfully maintain its neutral status even in the face of countless wars. We were at the top of our game in Mortal Online and I expect us to do the same in Xsyon. We are in a pretty remote location, with great resources and only a few neighbors (which are friendly and we have trade relations with them already). Every tribe needs to have their scholars and their warriors to defend themselves. Our mission is to never be the aggressor, we maintained this ideal in Mortal Online only using combat to defend ourselves in times of conflict and I believe we can do it in our time with Xsyon. We have had quite a few people in Mortal Online interested in RP and Lore, and we have set up RP events in the past on MO. If you have no interest in RP then don't worry, a lot of our members do not.

    1. We are Neutral, we are never the aggressor but we do defend ourselves.
    2. We were the only Large Neutral tribe in MO to successfully hold our neutrality, and we had Neutrality and trading pacts with almost every guild in the game.
    3. We have very active and helpful members
    4. We are in a great location with great neighbors.
    5. We had RP in MO if that's what your into.

    If you are looking for a tribe and we match your ideas check us out, we are happy to welcome any newcomers into our ranks.
    You can check us out here for our forum post:
    And here for our forums:

    If you want to join or have questions, PM me on the Xyson forums or our Guild forums and we should respond decently fast. If you do decide to join, go to and make an account, and then post in the application forums, state that you are joining the Xsyon division of Forsaken. From there when I or someone else gets on we will get you the vent info and the xsyon forum password and whatnot. Then we will meet up in-game.

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    Deathwatch - Neutral Trading Outpost / Mercenaries

    About 25 members, EU (mainly UK) and US mixed. Average age about 24+

    Here you go: We are mainly EU TZ (that said it doesnt mean we aint looking for other TZ, game doesnt stop just because some go to bed).
    We are a established community looking for new members.
    We are trying to establish a neutral trading outpost, at the same time we'll act as mercenaries.

    We Live next to a river and behind a mountain quite abit away from the central areas so its very viable to live of the land at our location
    Images can be found on our website in the forum

    The Mercenary role is something we've taken on in every game we've played so far, with more and less success depending on game mechanics but its something we know and live by.

    The Trade Outpost is to establish a neutral trade area for everyones benefit, and this is something we will control with the help of our mercs.

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    Hey steffen! nice to see you.

    I live in Holland so i am in the same Timezone as you.
    We have 1 guy from the netherlands and also another belgium guy in our tribe.
    We are an international tribe tho with 50/50 us/eu ratio.
    There will be always people online when you join in for the night :d.
    This is tribe is not being lead by an hierarchy so your not restricted to do what you want to be.
    You want to go pvp or craft , maybe both? You can choose your own destiny.

    We are a tribe that stick out for eachother in good and bad times.
    We have experienced pvp'ers and crafters from the beta that can help people with any questions or aid.
    We are a stable vibrant tribe with around 25-30 members.
    We use teamspeak 3 comms.
    And RL comes always first!

    If your interested and curious check our website or recruitment thread.
    If you have the time you can also pop into our teamspeak and chat around for a bit!

    Goodluck with your choice and have fun playing Xsyon.

    Recruitment thread xsyon:
    Pandemic tribe website :
    teamspeak 3: port:9987

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    Divided Allegiance is a gaming community that has been playing games together for 12 years since the UO days. We strive on community and helping each other out. We have an amazing location picked out for Xsyon that will be a trading hub for the surrounding area. We have direct access to all resources in the game and very close access to the green mist for when it gets pulled back. Every player will get a small plot of land to call their own that they can more or less do what they want with. Our tribe is run like a democracy: every player has a voice within the tribe. This is so no-one feels like they're just another number in the tribe and that they actually matter. In our tribe, everyone is welcome to do what they want. We're not the type of tribe to tell you that you have to do something you don't want to do. We are a neutral tribe that will PvP when necessary but not go out and gank people. We have a few basic self explanatory rules: don't be a jackass, don't make the tribe look bad, and don't go out ganking people left and right. We already have 30 members and counting and plan on becoming the biggest and baddest tribe in the world of Xsyon, so I invite you to join if you want to be a part of something amazing.

    Short version:
    Big tribe that will be a dominating power in the game
    Awesome location picked out with tons of resources nearby
    Awesome community that loves helping eachother out
    Freedom to do kinda what you want (within generous limits)
    Everyone gets their own plot of land
    Awesome city plans
    Big ventrilo server with backup TS3, mumble

    Don't let these other tribes fool you. Most of them are one (or many) of the following: inactive, surrounded by drama, disorganized, bad leadership, trolls, etc. We WILL be the best tribe in this game and once we hit the maximum allowable land radius, we will be closing recruitment. Get in on the action while you still can. You will not regret it =)

    Our website is Head on over and register if you like. You'll see that there are several game forums on the site--just head into the Xsyon recruitment area and fill out a very short application. If you have any questions before applying, PM Shaggy, Sionide, or SlightlyEvil on our forums and they'll be willing to help you out.

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    come on by and drop some post's and check us out

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    Fist Through Screen (FTS) is a evenly balanced, PvP/crafting guild with a strong lean to PvP. We are very laid back, U.S / international multi-gaming guild; some of us have been playing together for years. We accept all types of players from all parts of the world. Currently, we have players from the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and all US time zones. All of our players are adults here, and we communicate as such. Swearing, and or "talking trash", to each other is not out of the norm; we are all friends. Most anything goes in vent, to an extent. A sense of humor and the ability to drink a few cold brewskis are the only prerequisites

    As far as our "gaming style" we play to win by whatever means necessary; absolutely no cheating. We are not a "Zerg" guild who wants 300 members just to have numbers. We are a small, tight knit community who really enjoy gaming together. In many games, we are part of the Rogue Legion Alliance, with Divided Allegiance, a friend of FTS from other games.

    We are a democratic guild. There will be no "one" person that will tell you what to do or how to play. Remember though, we are an ADULT Guild. All in all, we are just a group of guys who have played together for a long time, and are looking forward to more members who enjoy camaraderie, British comedians, and destroying our enemies!

    We are looking for anyone who wants to be part of a team, whose goals are to become a major Guild/team/player in the many games that we play. We are recruiting future long time gaming buddies for current and future games. We are looking for a variety of play styles; from the newest member who has never played MMOs, to the grizzled veteran who has been playing since Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were friends. We need worker bees and those with the knowledge and experience to lead FTS to glory in current and future games!

    We have a working vent and our only major requirement is that you use it. We do have some soft spoken types and more are welcome. We just need to be able to communicate in case of emergency, plus, as an added bonus, many friendships are built via vent.

    Join the small FTS family from the beginning. It'll be a decision you wont regret!

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