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    Gone for a week... in order to wait

    First let me tell you my sad (short) story. In february, I seriously bean looking t the game and bought it. I had a great time during the beta and was wicked excited to live. Sadly that hasn't happeed and it won't be until next week. Up unilt no, I have been a forum junkie. Probably worse than a coke addict. I at the forums, refresh screen hoping something has chnged. Instead I see the same posts (with a rare treat of a new one.

    So, I am planning to leave the game forums until Saturday. I will probably check once in the morning to check for any updates, but thats it.

    I'm hoping this will help reduce some self inflicted stress

    GL everyone for the next week. If there are any juicy things that I may have mised, post em here. Or if you wana take a leave of absence. Let us know. I'm curious to see if anyone has forum apathy at this point.

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