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    Xyson Online - First Impressions Video *Ripper X*

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    Thanks for the video.
    That was pretty interesting, being a person thats on the fence about buying the game I think you made it clear to me that I should! lol
    Pretty good commentary too, keep it up man.

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    Nice Meik! Well the game has a lot of potential and it's unique, glad you picked up the game.

    Ripper X

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    Nice vid. I remember your name from DF.

    I see you are in our neck of the woods. I guess see you guys in game.

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    Visitor BigCountry's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Way down deep in a bottle of ale...
    You guys still in 816?

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    Let's play some Xsyon :O

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    Yep, we are chillin in 816.

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    Superb video! Wish it would have been around a few weeks ago. Most in my circles have loved it.

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