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    How is the lag nowadays?

    I was following the development of this game for a while now. Being an avid fan of Wurm Online and Haven & Hearth, I definitely set my mind on buying this.
    As a matter of fact I almost did until I read a post saying that the servers were down and the lag was horrendous (up to 30 secs)

    Since I am playing from South Korea, I figured lag is by far the biggest issue for me, so I decided to wait a little until the server problems are resolved.

    So I basically wanted to find out how the lag is nowadays and if any other players from non US countries could comment on what their ping is like?

    I would hate to play a game with everything I really desire, but no control over it because of the lag...

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    Well they are trying to lock down the lag at the moment, its somthing that has recently come up with all the new people pre-ordering i guess.. im one of those new people lol

    They are constantly worknig on it tho thats a good thing for sure..

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    so basically it's still around? how bad does it get?

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    I played for a few hours the other day without a single lag spike. The Devs do say tho that some people get lag in relation to terraforming and they are now working to get rid of it.

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    I would be more worried about your ping but atm there is no good way to test this and/or the lag, but they have stated that there will be set up a trial server not long after launch. so if you can wait you can test it then.

    p.s I haven't had any lag issues in the last week or so, but there might be some more issues to iron out for the devs and ill be disappointed if there isn't going be lag come launch day :P

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    ping has been solidly low last few nights. But of course that's with nowhere near the client load it will get next week. We can only hope for the best I guess. We really need everyone logging in at one time to stress test it. But that's something Xsyon himself has to organize/motivate/do. Or else everyone just sits offline and is waiting until next week.

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