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    Any questings of Xsyon :)

    Hi Com.

    First sry for my bad english i will give my best and hope so you will unterstand me^^

    I want to buy xsyon or perlude but i dont know what i have for payment methods i click preorder then come the big textwall of agreetment or whatever and this is the time i got fear i want see which payment method i have but im feart about to click next and then i can not pay and so my account will close or somthing^^

    so can you tell me which payment method i got the bast way for me iss paypal or Giro payment or paysafecard^^

    have a nice day

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    Hello neon. We accept both credit cards and paypal.

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    ok my next quest is i have heard the game will release on 15th march and after the release will give a testversion of the game its this true? and when yes when will it give ?

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    there will be a trial version, when it will be out I am unsure..might take a month or 2.

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    and what´s with paysafe? does it work too?

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