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    Not Looking for a Tribe...

    I'm actually just looking for one or two other people who are loners/solo'ers like myself who want to team up and live together. The reason being, I don't want to join an already-established tribe where I'll feel like the "new guy" and everyone else already knows each other; and I feel like joining a tribe would take away some of the thrill of the game (for me). But being a solo player is obviously challenging and I'd love to find a few like-minded others who'd want to band together with me. The whole point of this would not be to form an official Tribe or guild. I have absolutely no intention of being the boss of anyone or trying to order anyone around. I'd only like to make some friends who want to help each other survive, as I would want in real life if an apocalypse occurred (haha).

    I have some good experience in sandbox games and I like helping others and working as a team. I'd be willing to move from my current camp, but I'd prefer to live in a secluded location up in the mountains somewhere.


    Edit: Forgot to add that I enjoy practical/light RP but am totally fine if that's not your thing.

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    What about starting a small tribe where everyone votes on what happens, and it's not some classical feudal system.

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    we might be a good fit

    my buddy and i are starting a small tribe that might fit your style perfectly, one or two other RL friends may join:

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    Howdy, this is exactly how I feel...

    I do not foresee myself joining a (large) tribe without some sort of in-game RP reason but I want to learn the game with others minus the drama and the pressure of climbing to the “number one spot”. We are not PVE or PVP centric. We are laid-back and the focus is to have fun and learn.


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