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    Hello from Nave!

    Hello, my name is Kubalay. I am from Mortal Online.

    I have grown tired of the constant server crashes and lack of sandbox / features on MO, so I came here.

    I heard lots of good things and some bad about this game, but it truly seems like it's the best game ever made.

    I just pre-ordered and am downloading it, so far so good.

    Many people know me as King of Nave (from Mortal Online)

    hopefully things end up better here.

    Why I quit MO: because the moderators abused me constantly, and the server crashes every 2 minutes basicly.

    I am a competitive gamer, and have no life, me and my friend Octavius/Fatninja play games every day, for about 19+ hours a day 7 days a week, and hope to achieve a lot in this game.

    If you have any tips I should know about please post them here.

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    Hello there and welcome! I remember Octavious from MO! You will find fellow Audacian Republic here as well as a few Myrm and some Aegis as well. Stop by some time and say hello around Tamarrack!

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    You got tired of trolling the MO community or are there too few people left there to troll?

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    Kubalay my man wat up brosef

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    Kubalay is here ? dang we are doomed ! :P

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    I'm coming from Nave too.

    Welcome to Xsyon!

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    I remember the name from MO, are you looking to be Good Neutral or Evil?

    If you remember Forsaken, we are here as well.

  9. 03-06-2011, 04:20 PM

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    Welcome to the community

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    nice to see som more MO guys

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