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    Tusken Fortress.A southern trade empire -OFFICIAL-

    Hello everyone. My character name is A'sharad and I'd like to invite you to be a part of, what I hope to be, one of the greatest cities in the Xsyon world. We have very big aspirations for this city, and we can't do it alone.

    About Us

    The core members of TF have been playing MMO's for many years. One of our favorite games was Star Wars Galaxies, pre CU of course. We have experience in running cities and all of the details that go along with it, such as city planning, guild control, etc.

    Enough about us.. on to the good stuff!

    Our Land

    We've found an amazing spot in the south side of the zone. Many resources are located close by, and the topography is great. Not massive, but a perfect size for the project.

    Located near the road, our initial practice settlement will later serve as the entry way into the city, where guards will be posted.

    Later, the entry way will lead you into the city, which will be located here.

    The Town and What It's About

    Our goal is to make our city the hub for trade in the south. We want to have a well known city, that people rely on for goods and services, whether it be for our many merchants, our teams of resource gatherers, etc. We want a city that people will come to, just to have a place to go, and we hope to do this by having player events and other things to keep the sandbox rich with content. We will stand as a neutral city looking to trade with nad associate with as many tribes as possible.

    To do this will be no easy task. We need mature, dedicated players that would really love to be a part of this potentially important part of the Xsyon world. This entails all styles of players. Whether you're a crafter, looking to outfit the tribe, or a builder, who wants to help build a massive city, or a hunter, bringing in some important resources and protecting our tribe, we'll need everyone.

    I think that with enough dedicated players that really want to do something great in this game, we can make this happen.

    There's so much more that we have planned, so if you're interested in being a part of our tribe, feel free to message A'Sharad, Sharp, or Zarix in game and we can give you more info, or coordinates to look at the land first hand. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Bump, well put together buddy. Hope to see more ppl joining us!

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    Our city WILL be the trade hub in the southern regions. Cant wait until the game releases to we can get this goin.

    Sharp - Tusken Fortress Militia and Hunting Coordinator

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    welcome all new Tusken Fortress members!

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    things are going great! check us out!

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    Awesome Tribe, great people, vent server is awesome!! Can't wait for final wipe so we can get this moving for real!

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    We're growing very quickly. Ready for live!

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    Yea, come check us out.

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