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    Starting an Economy of some sort...

    Why don't we use the money and pennies that we get from scavenging to start a real economy? I mean, at the beginning it will be only find by scavengers, but later on, it could be implemented so if someone needs a hammer for example, it cost 1 dollar and 50 pennies... The economy itself could be reestablish by the players!

    It needs though the cooperation of all the players as it could enhance the role play experience to!

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    no thanks i rather stick 2 trading i dont want to buy stof

    also if there was a system of money i rather have pants as currencey

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    Each tribe can have their own system of currency.

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    I too would rather not have an official economy. It invites gold farmers and a whole lot of other complications.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sultan View Post
    no thanks i rather stick 2 trading i dont want to buy stof

    also if there was a system of money i rather have pants as currencey
    that sounds retarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithStone View Post
    that sounds retarded.
    No shit sherlock

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    Laugh at it but this will happen if Xsyon survives months of stable gameplay. But I think it will not be money as money has no value around lake Tahoe. It will be something hard to obtain but very usefull, like nails for example. I would rather trade something for nails then for money that never had true value (not even now, its worth only paper its printed on minus interesst you own on it to your central bank).

    Economy will evolve, nails, small bones, bear brains... Not paper that can not even be used as toilet paper.

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    I would rather trade in beer tabs and bottle caps.

    Anyway I have thought about this but the reason this wouldn't work is these currencies are not backed anything (Like the dollar is backed by the US government etc.), and have no real value themselves. By using them as a currency we are giving people who have access to these items the right to get nothing for something.

    What it would take to start a currency is:

    A. An item that is of real value itself, light or valuable enough it can be carried in large quantities but still be broken down into small units if the transaction is small. Some possible in-game items like this might be certain food items like fish, berries, and herbs. Or things like nails bolts and skrews. A real world example would be gold. Gold is not valuable because of any backing by countries. Its valuable because it is a beautiful, rare, and extremely non-reactive metal. Since it is non-reactive it can be used for items of lasting beauty unlike iron which rusts.

    B. Any form of exchange backed by some very major parties. If some of the larger tribes across the server were to start accepting dollars or beer tabs or... pants, as payment for their goods and services, it would give these items value as once people had these items they could trade them with these parties for whatever they want. I mean you would take dollars as a form of currency if you knew you could go to Aegis or Animal Crackers, or one of the other major tribes and buy the saw you need for 300 dollars wouldn't you?

    The problem with Plan B is until dollars became a universally accepted currency the tribes who took part in this would be losing money hand over fist. They would be accepting dollars that are worth nothing in exchange for real valuable items and services. And they don't even have control of the printing press. Imagine I am leading a 100 man tribe and I make it tribe policy that we will accept dollars as currency along with 10 other major tribes. What would you do? I would start scavenging more as I would get a ton of recipes and truly valuable items already, and now the worthless dollars I am finding have real value. The rate of dollars flowing onto the market would be insane and since they are passed from hand to hand instead of discarded after they are used, the amount of them on the market would be huge, and constantly growing. Meaning insane inflation rates. The saw that was 300 dollars today would be 600 dollars next week.

    Perhaps a valid plan C would be for tribes to be able to make their own unique forms of currencies that only their leader can make. So that one Aegis trading shell would be backed by the economy and trustworthiness of Aegis and one Animal Cracker cookie would be backed by the economy and trustworthiness of Animal Crackers. People could assign them values based on how much they trust those tribes. I think a tribe doing this might eat costs a little in the beginning, but if they established themselves as a reliable tribe that can back their money, and that won't just create more of it every time they want to buy something, it could work. I know if I was trying to run a tribe that wanted its own currency. I would give handouts of my money in the beginning to get it out there on the market, and promise to honor that money if they bring it back to me and try to trade. When people started bringing it back, I would honor my promises and thus establish worth to my money. Then I print it at a rate that won't devalue it, but would just get enough out there that everyone wanting to use it could. Possibly doing this by printing money for people who bring me saw blades, nails, or some other item of value, and then hoarding those items to help back the currency. (Like Fort Knox.)

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    How bout we worry about this after we find out how long it is going to take for the lag to end.. then after that we can see how many people are still playing then maybe we can think of some sort of trading system.

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    Because this is really interesting. The idea of tribes having the ability to create their own currencies. Its so realistic... it would be an amazing experiment in real world economics. Its possibilities like this that make me willing to suffer through this lag.

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