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    Is this a family friendly game?

    Hello Everyone

    I am a mother of 2. My oldest is 14 my youngest is 13. As a family we are looking for a game we can enjoy together. This game looks interesting, building a village together and crafting together sounds perfect for a family. I was about to sign us up when I looked at the forums. What I see here is not what I want my kids to be involved in. Allot of angry people here.

    Is this what it is like playing the game? Can a family build something together without the angry people butting in? Or should I look elsewhere for family fun? I know what the internet is like but I am sure there is a game out there that is fun for kids as well as adults without the hate.

    Also some of the news I have seem is disturbing. Is the development company corrupt? Is the game fair? I have never seen anything like that in a game before. Sounds way to serious for a family with kids that just want to creat something together and relax.

    Is this correct or am I misunderstanding? I apologize for my ignorance but I have never really player online games before and my kids love xbox. I was thinking we could do this as a family together.

    If above is true maybe someone could suggest a game a family would enjoy together. Is it even possible in this day and age?

    Thanks you in advance and have a great day.

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    Hello mother,

    I am not sure what you are referring to about the news.

    Xsyon is unofficially, meaning not rated by ESRB, a mature audience game. Because of this we give leniency on language and other things.

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    I'm a mother as well...and I wouldn't recommend this game for teenage kids. Xsyon has open-PvP, as in other players can attack and kill your character in the game, and can get all the stuffs you are carrying...may happen that they taunt and insult you. You are right, there are a lot of angry people in the game (there are very nice ones as well of course) and it may happen that they turn your relaxation into frustration.

    You can plant a totem in game and by that you get an area which is safe, no one can touch you there, and no one can destroy what you have built...but when you step out of that circle you are vulnerable.

    The developers are correct and very hardworking.

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to advertise another game here, so I'll pm you about the games I'd recommend for a family.

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    There are a lot of angry delinquents around so I would not put this as a friendly family game. Although 14/13 are a little bit older and unless you raised them in a cave they've probably heard more bad words than you have. So that shouldn't be too offensive I wouldn't imagine. I guess it could be fun if you found a really secluded spot that is hard to find and hope no one harasses you.

    And as Kroom said it's nice to see parents taking an interest and spending time with their kids, there isn't enough of that

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    First, let me say… You are a cool mom!

    Regarding inappropriate player interaction, you are at risk with any game online. Unlike Xbox, if someone is harassing or making racists comments you can report them to a guide. Terms of Services (TOS) are enforced. It does help that the chat system won’t be global at launch (last I read). In my experience most people are kind and helpful in-game. Don’t let the heated forum debates fool you.

    Regarding “development company corrupt”, I think that is the opinion of very few. These cries can be found on every game forum.

    Regarding fairness of the game, cannot answer that objectively. It’s like asking if it’s fun.

    My biggest concern would be the games learning curve. It’s not obvious “what to do” but that could be a fun learning experience together. Check out Saintbob’s videos!

    It’s a tough call…

    I hate to drive any potential players away but I would consider setting up private Minecraft server. It’s more casual and you control the chat.

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    Why can't a ffa pvp game be "family friendly"?

    Families that slay together, stay together!

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    lol that is a pretty good play on words, straight from the manson/bundy family

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    As a High School Chemistry teacher (10th-12th grades), I would suggest this game for a family with teenage kids. I feel that at your children's age level they should be able to take in information, analyze it, determine the appropriate-ness of it, and choose a response based on what they reasoned. I would keep them away from the forums if you do not want them involved with petty bickering, of which I too am a part. If you are going to be playing the game alongside them, I see no reason why they cannot play. Of course you would want to pick out the community you all associate with in game, but also realize that online interactions are always dynamic and you cannot fully predict what will happen. When something that you do not particularly like does happen, you could use that time as a "teachable moment" to educate your children about what happened and have a discussion on why it is or is not an appropriate action.

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    Id say unless your willing to call a naked man swinging an axe at your head a "teachable moment" you might just look for another family game. I have a feeling this one would not be appropriate but that’s just my 2 cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mother View Post
    Hello Everyone

    I am a mother of 2. My oldest is 14 my youngest is 13. As a family we are looking for a game we can enjoy together. ...

    Thanks you in advance and have a great day.
    In my opinion, this game is not what you are looking for. Too many testosterone driven young adults here that think their ego would be getting any better when they kill every human controlled pixel they see and brag about their toughness on the boards later.

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